Vision - To create AI-powered self-help tools that enable people with complaints to those who could resolve them



1. India's 1st AI-powered Assistive Tool for Consumers

Conforming to Jul 2020 Enforcement Patent Pending

(Free Pre-launch Beta version)

2. Natural Language Search in COVID-19 Notifications from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India 

(Voluntary Project)


February, 2019

Received Certificate from Former Chief Justice of India Sri Dipak Misra at International Law Conference on "Law & Regulation of AI: A Global Perspective"

January, 2020

Jury at 12th Global IP Convention has nominated SunvAI as an Awardee for the excellent contribution made in the field of IP and innovation, for the GIPC Award 2020

* Credits for pictures - respective conference organisers 

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16/03/20 - In view of the prevailing situation pertaining to COVID-19, and the instructions of the Karnataka State Government, to prevent further spread of the virus, activities at IIIT Bangalore, including those pertaining to start-ups and innovation centre, are now being suspended till March 29th, 2020. Planned in-person meetings and activities for SunvAI at IIITB campus or otherwise would also be postponed/rescheduled accordingly. Remote operations would continue to take place, and resulting delays are expected and accepted in the hope that we'd be able to effectively resume, once normalcy is established. ​Revision on 29/03/20 - until further updates, work-from-home is extended to support the lockdown instructions from the Government, and/or considering the safety of our people along with the larger public interest. 

44. Dec 2020, 'Anvita Bajpai' is Featured in "the Wequity Spotlight" by "Wequity for Women and Technology"

43. Dec 2020, Virtual Talk at "World IP Forum 2020", topic "AI-Related IP Protection - Inventor's Perspective" Talk Video

~ Certificate of recognition is signed by Hon'ble Shri Suresh Prabhu ji

42. Dec 2020, Virtual Exhibition at - 1. "IIT 2020 Global Summit" (organised by PANIIT USA); 2. "SANGAM 2020" (organized by IIT Madras Alumni Association)

41. Nov 2020, Panelist at "7th Annual IoT, AI & Blockchain Summit" (virtual conference), topic "Global technology of blockchain – Providing innovative solutions to real-world problems"

40. Nov 2020, Webinar at - 1. "IIM Bangalore Alumni Association", topic "Admixing Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence for Your Business"; 2. "f1 studioz", topic "AI/ML for Designers"

39. Sep-Oct 2020, Virtual Participation at "TechLaw.Fest 2020, Singapore" 

38. Sep 2020, Panelist at "India Technology Week @ Home 2020", topic "CXOS: ENABLING GROWTH ECOSYSTEM FOR ENTREPRENEURS & STARTUPS"

37. Aug 2020, Filing of provisional patent with Indian Patent Office

36. Aug 2020, Virtual Exhibition at "TiE Bootcamp for Women Entrepreneurs"

35. Jun 2020, Talk at "India Technology Week @ Home 2020", topic "Entrepreneurship During and Post Covid-19"

34. Jun 2020, Judged "Restart India Hackathon 2020" for solutions around problems arose due to C-19 pandemic

33. Feb 2020, Received "51 Fabulous Global Smart Cities Leaders Award" by "ET NOW Presents 9th Edition World CSR Day Congress & Awards"

32. Feb 2020, Panelist at "ET NOW Presents Global Smart Cities Congress & Awards", topic "Smart Cities – Transforming initiative Towards a Sustainable and Smart Future" ~ Presented SunvAI under #16 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

31. Feb 2020, Speaker at "India Electronics Week 2020, Bangalore", topic - 1. "Patent protection for AI-related IP" (Talk); 2. "Using Artificial Intelligence to Profit from IOT" (Panel Discussion)

30. Jan 2020, Participation at "ITechLaw 2020, International India Conference, Bangalore"

29. Jan 2020, Jury at 12th Global IP Convention has nominated SunvAI as an Awardee for the excellent contribution made in the field of IP and innovation, for the "GIPC Award 2020" 

~ Hon’ble Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice Chairman, Niti Aayog shall be the chief Guest during the Awards Ceremony

28. Jan 2020, Speaker at "12th Global IP Convention (GIPC 2020), New Delhi", topic "AI meets IP: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to improve IP Discovery and Monitoring"

~ Session Moderator - Ms. Shobana Iyer, Barrister (Commercial). FCIArb, Swan Chambers (London UK); Co-speakers - 1. Mr. Rowan Joseph, Patent Litigator, Von Seidels, South Africa; 2. Mr. Rajiv Bhatnagar, Director - Technical, Anand and Anand, India

~ Chief Guest at GIPC 2020 - Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman, Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance, Government of India 

27. Nov 2019, Participation at "Agami Summit 2019, Bangalore"

26. Sep 2019, Participation at "TechLaw.Fest 2019, Singapore"

25. Sep 2019, Virtual participation (voluntary) with Houston team at "World Legal Summit 2019", hackathon topic "Identity and Personal Governance"; Houston team's solution received the Global Impact Award

24. July 2019, Participation at "Tech3 Forum organised by Singapore Computer Society, Singapore", topic "Digital Economy : Where are We and What's Required?"

23. Mar 2019, Talk at "Consumer Care Society, Bangalore", topic "IoT and Consumer - Possibilities and Challenges"

22. Mar 2019, International Certificate Course on “Legal and Institutional Framework of European Union Law” taught by Dr. Arnaud Raynouard, Professor of Law and Vice-President of University Paris-Dauphine, Paris, France, and Dr. Avinash Dadhich, Professor of Law & Principal and Associate Dean at IFIM Law School, Bangalore

21. Mar 2019, Keynote Technical Session at "International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication (ICCIC) 2019, Bangalore", topic "Identifying Market Needs for Productising Academic Research Work in AI/ML/IoT"

20. Feb 2019, Panel discussion with Dr. G. R. Raghavender, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Law & Justice, Government of India, Mr. Akshy Sridhar, IAS, and Ms. Sudha Hooda, General Counsel, India and Board Member, Nvidia, Bengaluru; topic "AI as Decision Making Tool​​", during International Law Conference on "Law & Regulation of AI: A Global Perspective", organised by IFIM Law School, in association with Comparative Legislation Society, France;

~ Certificate handed over by Former Chief Justice of India Sri Dipak Misra;

~ Event covered by The Economic Times in March, 2019 | Talk Video

19. Feb 2019, Talk at "RISE 2019, IIIT Bangalore", topic "SunvAI - Platforms for Good" | Introduction Video for SunvAI

18. Feb 2019, Talk at "India Electronics Week (", topic "Looking Inside the Black-Box of an AI/ML Based System"

17. Jan 2019, Panel discussion at "11th Global IP Convention (GIPC 2019), Bangalore", topic "Data Protection During Industry 4.0"

~ Moderator - Mr. George J. Barry III, Partner, Kratz & Barry USA; and co-panelists - Pijush Kanti Dutta Gupta, Head of Technical Prosecution and Litigation, L.S.Davar & Co., Ms. Shobana Iyer, Swan Chambers - General data protection regulations, and Ms. Apurva Deshpande, R. K. Dewan & Co.

~ Event attended by IP counsels from 32 countries | Talk Video

16. Jan 2019, Talk at "Intelligent Automation Forum (IAF) 2019, Bangalore", topic "IoT in Data Governance: Organizational preparedness"

15. Dec 2018, Talk at "World Machine Learning Summit, Bangalore", topic "Finding the Right Blend of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence for Your Business"

14. Sep 2018, Keynote Talk at "Artificial Intelligence Connect 2018, Bangalore", topic "AI - the 5th Pillar of Democracy"

13. Sep 2018, Panel discussion at "Symposium by IIIT Bangalore & Mphasis", topic "Cognitive Computing & Digital Social Innovation", co-panelists Mr. Peter Roxburgh, Justice & Care, Prof. Chandrasekhar Ramanathan, IIITB, Prof. Jaya Nair, IIITB, Moderated by Dr. Jai Ganesh, Sr. VP - Mphasis NEXT Labs | Talk Video

12. July 2018, Talk at "Analytics and Machine Learning Conference, Bangalore", topic "WHAT’S INSIDE THE BLACK-BOX OF A ML/AI BASED SYSTEMS?"

11. Mid 2018, Got Support as Socially-focused Early-Stage Startup by Samsung CSR

10. Apr 2018, Interview published in "CXO Stories", topic "SunvAI - Creating a peaceful, stress-free environment for people dealing with legal issues"

9. Apr 2018, Talk at "Technology Alumni Association Bangalore (TAAB) hosted by IIT Kharagpur Alumni Bangalore Chapter", topic "SunvAI - A Social Enterprise and the Challenges"

8. Mar 2018, Talk at "IIT Madras Alumni Association's Annual Meet, Bangalore", topic "NEW STARTUP CHANGING THE GAME"

7. Mar 2018, Article published in "The Times of India - Indore Edition/14th March 2018", topic "Human Factors for Artificial Intelligence"

6. Feb 2018, Talk at "RISE 2018, IIIT Bangalore", topic "SunvAI - why this work is important?"

5. Jan 2018, Got Incubated at Innovation Center, IIIT Bangalore 

4. Dec 2017, Interview published in "Economic Times", topic "Coding & writing: The two sides of author Anvita Bajpai"

3. Oct-Dec 2017, Participated at Launchpad program at IIM Bangalore

2. Aug 2017, Filing of 9 provisional patents with Indian Patent Office

1. Mid 2017, Initial thoughts on applications of AI in Legal Sector

February, 2020

Received "51 Fabulous Global Smart Cities Leaders Award" by "ET NOW Presents 9th Edition World CSR Day Congress & Awards"



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